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Haworthia magnifica 'Pale Unicorn' Variegated

Haworthia magnifica 'Pale Unicorn' Variegated

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Haworthia magnifica 'Pale Unicorn'   A beautifully variegated form of a normally green species. Forms clumps in time.  Plants flower off and on all year round.  Easy to grow. Haworthia are more shade tolerant than most succulents, but still needs good light. Grows year round so don't let it stay too dry unless your winter growing situation isn't that great. Protect from frost.

I've given the name Pale Unicorn this particular form of Haworthia magnifica variegated.  The unicorn part of the name being that this nearly perfect configuration of yellow with just a couple green stripes on the underside of the leaf only appears in one or two out of 100 pups of the normal variegated form. Any more yellow and the pup cannot survive. More green and it looks like a normal variegate. I expect it will make a lot of pure yellow pups with the occasional one with chlorophyll. In other words I have lots of variegated H. magnifica in my nursery. I have hardly any of this form.


You will receive the plant shown in the images. Plant shown in a 3.5" pot.

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