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Aloe x 'Orange Cream'

Aloe x 'Orange Cream'

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Aloe x 'Orange Cream' Family: Xanthorrhoeaceae.  An attractive hybrid Aloe with bumpy leaves.  The leaves are a creamy white & green with orange margins. The orange color will cover more of the leaf in high light.

Color is generally best in higher light and/or water stressing them some.  Colors come out better in cooler weather as well. If your plant turns green don't worry, improving conditions will make it color up again.  Most hybrids of this type clump readily. Plant should stay small. Individual heads will likely reach around 4-6" diameter and clumps can live in 6-8" pots for years. Takes normal succulent care. This is a summer growing Aloe that prefers it drier in the winter.  Protect from frost.

You will receive the plant shown in the image.  It is shown  growing in a 4" pot.

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