Euphorbia francoisii Thai Hybrid Crassicaule (I)

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Euphorbia francoisii Hybrid Crassicaule Family: Euphorbiaceae.  A unique  hybrid of one of the most beautiful and uncommom species of Euphorbia. The flowers are small and greenish. In time the stems will grow longer and branch, becoming a low creeping mat covered in these leaves. Fairly simple to grow. Likes the soil moist but not wet during the growing season and drier in the winter. Unlike a lot of succulents this species seems to like high humidity. This is a cold sensitive species that should be kept above 50F. Protect from hot afternoon sun.  If the plant gets over stressed it can drop its leaves but will regrow them when happy again.

You will receive the plant shown in the images. Plant shown in a 4" pot.

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